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Julian Brezon plays tenor on the new record.  He is one of my favorite musicians and a constant inspiration.

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From the recording session of Stormglass.  He played soprano and alto on the record.  Raymond Robsinon is a vocalist producer alongside his saxophone work.  Primarily performing on alto, he is certainly competent on the soprano and tenor.  Keep an eye out for much from from here in the future; however, for now, check him out on “Not My Day”  https://youtu.be/tF9C8VK_VdE Also Instagram https://instagram.com/thevoiceofrayy/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/thevoiceofrayy

Fish (1 of 1)

1.5lbs of Tuna with 1tb of olive oil, 1.5 limes, 1tb of honey, 1 roasted jalapeno, and a small clove of garlic.

Mostly Jazz:

1. Driftwood – Wolfgang Muthspiel featuring Larry Grenadier and Bryan Blade  http://player.ecmrecords.com/wolfgang-muthspiel–driftwood

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2. Mehliana: Taming the Dragon – Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana http://www.bradmehldau.com/mehliana/


3. Lily-O – Sam Amidon http://samamidon.com/lily-o


4. Kin – Pat Metheny Unity Group http://www.patmetheny.com/current-release/


5. Trilogy – Chick Corea http://chickcorea.com/albums/trilogy/


6. Range of Light – S. Carey http://scarey.org/albums/lp


7. The Nature Of Connections  – Arve Henriksen http://www.arvehenriksen.com/


8. WIRING – TRIO 3 + VIJAY IYER http://www.intaktrec.ch/233-a.htm


Latest Additions:

Miles Davis – In a Silent Way 1969 –  http://youtu.be/r4jdau4XqCo

In A Silent Way

One of my favorite Miles Davis records.  He is experimenting with new instruments and recording technology.  The electric guitar, rock influence, and three keyboard texture, featuring Joey Zawinul, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock, show the direction that his next projects would take.

Cannonball Adderley – Somethin’ Else 1958 http://youtu.be/v3Lc7OgIngE


Bought this Cannonball record on a whim.  The personnel is all-time and they take on several Miles and Cannonball originals, as well as autumn leaves and love for sale.  Classic playing, especially that late 50s Miles


Jazz Composer’s Companion by Gil Goldstein – Combines fundamental ideas of harmony, rhythm, and color with interviews featuring contributions from Chick Corea, Bill Evans, and Pat Metheny.

Bauhas by Magdalena Droste – Amazing offering from Taschen.  It’s author has worked at the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin since 1980


The Roaring Silence by David Revill – The most authoritative account of Cage’s life.  It was written by a professor with whom I study and has been informative and engaging.