Jason from Pedal Monsters gave me a stutter switch last sunday.  I threw it on today, just to see what would happen.  I think i’ll keep it around, makes for cool rhythmic swells (that’s right james duke!  stutter swells).  GOMAL (get on my ambient level).  The strat + the switch + vintage setting on my timefactor = radness.  Here’s a pic of the strat and the switch!  I’m in love with this guitar, even if owning a fender brings out my inner Duke

Board, pre stutter switch

I decided not to add a reverb pedal.  I don’t want to rely on shimmer/mod reverb when i can achieve a similar effect by stacking multi-feedback delays ( a digital reverb is nothing more than high mix- short feedback delay algorithmic stacked and stacked and stacked and stacked).  I may make a few changed to the drive section, and add some sort of analog, or at least analog voiced, delay.  Something about what Jack White says about limitations and creativity definitely changed the way I approach FX.



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