Monthly Archives: June 2012

Went to an old friend of my dad’s house to take picture for a few items that we are listing on ebay. It was very interesting. She owns a collection of rare and valuable Native American momentos. Here are some of the relics.
Trail of Tears painting

Hunt painting-gorgeous detail here.


Imagesent off two copies of our album to a lady in Chillicothe, Ohio this morning.  It’s pretty wild looking back over the past few years and realizing how far we’ve come.  Being apart of this band has been such a big part of my life.  We scheduled a second live recording for the third weekend in August.  Our sophomore album will be released this December.  It’s pretty exciting stuff.  Here’s  an iTunes link for the “Mesmerized” CD, if anyone would like to check it out.


Rain and (slightly) lower temperatures allowed a few fall clothes out of the closet one last time.

Levi’s Flannel Workshirt

Wrangler Bluebell Selvidge Denim

Steve Madden Nittro Boots

It’s a nice change from the sunny, upper 90 degree weather we’ve been having.  If only it wasn’t so humid